Products care

Recommended care for textile products

Before you wash your textile, carefully read the instructions on the label.

1. Textile should be wash and iron inside out. Do not iron on print.

2. Textile should be wash in washing maschine at a maximum temperature, which is on the label.

     We recommended wash at 30 degrees.

 3. Use gentle cycle on your washing machine, or do the washing machine on the shortened program.

4. Wash textile separately, do not mix different kind of textil even if they are the same color. For example the sweatshirts with t-shirts. Every type of      textile is different for care.

5. We recommended to use liquid detergent, they are less aggressive than common washing powder.

6. Do not use tumble dryer.

7. Do not clean textile with chemicals.

8. Do not bleach.

9. If you use softener, use it as little as possible.

10. Do not soak textile before washing.


These recommendations are informative. By following them will be your textiles and print on them strained the least.